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Company Profile

RMC Realty LTD. is the leading construction company in Canada. We specialize in building custom homes, we are the suppliers of construction material from around the world, and we specialize in the retail and wholesale of building material products. We are known for our trustworthy, fair, and ethical approach to the real estate market and building custom homes. We take pride in our expertise and unique knowledge of the market. Our team at RMC Realty LTD. is professional and works with integrity. They will ensure that you are making the right decision.

Our team is ready to handle all of your questions. With our experience and knowledge, you can depend on us to help maximize your profits. Contact Us for any further questions or inquiries. 

Showroom is temporarily closed, we are accepting clients at our head office. We have displays of our toilets, tiles, & laminate flooring.

Freestanding bathtubs are not on display as of now.